I’m a single mom and finding a school to help me develop my child’s knowledge is challenging. That’s why I am so amazed at LEMS way of teaching cause whenever I review my child she already know some topics like counting numbers, alphabet, places and many more. I know I made the right choice. From admissions and inquiry Ms Danielle and the teachers are very friendly and accommodating. That’s why I am always at ease whenever my child is at school cause I know she’s well-taken care of by LEMS. Thank you.

 Ana Andrea Topacio, Georgina’s mom, SY 16-17



“Sending our son to LEMS has been the best educational decision my husband and I have made. The nurturing and caring environment has afforded my son to flourish both personally and academically. It is with sincere gratitude to LEMS that we write this testimonial.”

Jerald and Princess Ambayec, Jared’s parents, SY 16-17



“Preschool is the foundation of our children’s education and we know we made a right choice with LEMS. We always believe in the school’s philosophy ever since – learning that is pleasant, enjoyable and fun – a school our kids always love to go back to. LEMS will always remain as the school that first molded our kids and we are confident that Jaeia will continuously bloom the way her Kuya (Joachiim) grew with your help. And with that, we will forever be thankful.”

Jeffrey and Armee Jornales, Jaeia and Joachim’s parents, SY 15-17 and SY 11-13

“LEMS is doing a great job in teaching our child, Justin. Their curriculum is up-to-date and feedback sessions with parents is very good.”

Jojo and Jhing Dalisay, Justin’s parents, SY 15-17

“Thank you for your love and dedication towards Yuna and her classmates. You have a wonderful team who made our child’s transition  to from toddler to preschool an enjoyable one. Thank you for letting my child explore and learn many things in your school and being patient with the children especially to Yuna.”

Michael and May Bayoca, Yuna’s parents, SY 15-17

“Choosing LEMS to be our son’s first school has proven to be a good decision for us. We are satisfied with the development of his social and academic skills and believe with confidence that LEMS can and will continue to bring out the best in him.

Ever since the school year has started we noticed how our son took keen interest in his subjects, specially his favorite ones and how he is actively participating in different aspects in his everyday life both in school and at home.

We thank LEMS for carefully guiding their students in their formative years. We wish LEMS all the best!”

Joper and Elaine Noche, Curtis’ parents, SY 15-17

Ysabelle has greatly improved her vocabulary and has been comfortable speaking in English. She is able to express her ideas fluently and is able to interact well with both children and adults. The Montessori curriculum has helped Ysabelle be more curious and aware of her surroundings and she has been more eager to learn new things.”

Necy E. Tupaz, Ysabelle’s grandmother, SY 14-17

“LEMS’s class instruction is organized and the instruction plan is true to the Montessori method. I am confident that this school has set solid foundation for their learning path and they provide a safe environment to the children. My daughter Alyanna truly blossomed academically and socially. I am very thankful to all the teachers for all the good things they taught my child – for helping her become more strong, smart, and a happy kid.”

Alvin and Anna Ria Santos, Alyanna’s parents, SY 16-17