Casa 3 Tuition Fee

Monthly Plan

Initial payment
July tuition fee:                                 Php 3,000
1st Semester Miscellaneous:                 2,550
Registration:                                                 500
Total:                                                  Php 6,050

From July to April                             Php 3,000 per month

2nd Semester Miscellaneous Fee  Php 2,550

*2nd Semester Miscellaneous Fee to be paid no later than November 15

*Note: Monthly tuition fee should be paid one month early to ensure that all students are paid before the end of the school year – i.e. August tuition fee to be paid on the month of July, April tuition fee to be paid on the month of March

Total yearly fees: Php30,000 + 5,100 + 500 = Php 35,600


Quarterly Plan

Initial payment
1st Quarterly tuition fee:                  Php 7,500
1st Quarter Miscellaneous:                     1,275
Registration:                                                 500
Total:                                                  Php 9,275

2nd Quarter, 3rd Quarter and 4th Quarter tuition             Php 8,775 per Quarter

* Note: Quarterly tuition fee should be paid BEFORE Quarterly Assessments

Total yearly fees: Php30,000 + 5,100 + 500 = Php 35,600

Semester Plan with Php500 discount

Initial payment
1st Semester tuition fee:                  Php 14,750
1st Semester Miscellaneous:                     2,550
Registration:                                                   500
Total:                                                 Php 17,800

2nd Semester tuition and 2nd Semester Miscellaneous Fee
Php 14,750 + Php 2,550 = Php 17,300

*2nd Semester tuition should be paid no later than November 15

Total yearly fees: Php29,500 + 5,100 + 500 = Php 35,100

Annual Plan with Php1,000 discount

Tuition fee:                                         Php29,000
Miscellaneous:                                            5,100
Registration:                                                   500
Total:                                                  Php 34,600


Arts and crafts Materials                Php    1,000
School supplies                                             2,000
(pencil, paper, eraser, crayons, paints, coloured pencils, paint brush, etc.)
School Activities                                              500
(cooking and baking, etc.)
Test Papers                                                        500
Library and Computer room                        300
Moving Up Fee:                                                500
ID and Class picture:                                      300
Total:                                                    Php 5,100