Handbook: Snacks


Parents are required to provide a snack in a clearly labeled container. The Classroom directresses will not allow snacks such as potato chips, chocolate bars, chocolate drinks, candy, pop, etc. A healthy snack helps your child be a better learner. Sweets make the child hyper and lessen concentration and learning. Snacks must be from two food groups. Here are some suggestions:

  • Fruit and cheese (grapes cut in half, sliced apple or orange etc.)
  • Cheese and crackers (Fita or skyflakes)
  • Vegetable and crackers (sliced carrot or cucumber)
  • Sandwich with no mayo (ham or cheese)
  • Juice

Please don’t send yogurt or pudding and avoid chocolate cookies. Do not bring any snacks that contain nuts as there maybe children who are allergic to these foods. If parents send unapproved snacks, they will be returned along with a snack notice reminding them of the snack rules. It is also important to have a container for their snack so they can take home their left overs. We will provide purified drinking water only.



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