Handbook: Birthday Celebration


Children will have “Happy Birthday” sung to them on their birthday at Circle Time. Parents are welcome to supply a classroom finger food snack on their child’s birthday. These snacks should be dropped off before 10:00 am or as soon as the child arrives in school.

To maximize teaching and learning time, we recommend a “no gift” celebration with NO:

… elaborate party

… written invitations

… games

… mascot

… costume – the celebrator will come to school in his /her uniform

… chocolate drinks/snacks

… blowing of cake inside the classroom

… parents and family members inside the classroom

Suggested foods:

  • Fruit juices
  • Milk
  • Pizza
  • Muffins
  • Cupcakes
  • Pre-sliced cakes in individual containers
  • Bite-size sandwiches

If parents will send spaghetti/rice and chicken and loot bags (may contain chocolate candies, toys etc.) these foods and giveaways will be distributed at dismissal time.

Please notify the school one week before the birthday celebration.


Handbook: Report Card


The Report Card includes your child’s Work Habits, Evaluation and Classroom Directresses’ Comments. All evaluation scores are confidential as we discourage competition among the students and parents. Please take note that we don’t have an honors’ list/dean’s list/honor roll therefore, there are no student ranking per class. Numerical value of your child’s score will be given during PTC.

Handbook: Absences during assessment week


If a child is not able to take the quiz/assessment due to illness (with Medical Certificate from the attending physician) the teachers will reschedule his/her exam the following week. The exam will fall on the same day as their scheduled subjects.

If a child is not able to take the exam due to family gatherings or outings, the missed quiz/assessment will be rescheduled the next day. Note that if the rescheduled quiz/assessment falls on a quiz/assessment day, the child has to take two quizzes/assessments, example:

Monday – Language quiz (child is absent)

Tuesday – Math quiz and rescheduled Language quiz (child is present)

However, if a child is absent for more than a day due to family gatherings or outings, we will scheduled the missed quiz/assessment separately as we don’t give three or more tests in a day.

Handbook: Quizzes and Assessments


Classroom directresses will give quizzes and assessments to evaluate your child.

For Casa 1, school year is divided into 4 – First Mid-Semester, First Semester, Second Mid-Semester and Second Semester. Two quizzes will be given every Mid-Semester and Semester (total of 8 quizzes in a year) and one assessment per Mid-Semester and Semester (total of 4 exams in a year).

For Casa 2 and Casa 3, school year is divided into 4 – First Quarter, Second Quarter, Third Quarter and Fourth Quarter. Two quizzes will be given every Quarter (total of 8 quizzes in a year) and one assessment per Quarter (total of 4 exams in a year).

Pointers will be glued or stapled in your child’s communication notebook a week before the scheduled quiz or exam; it is the responsibility of the parents to keep this as we will not give out a replacement for lost copies.


Handbook: Fetcher’s ID



For security reasons, a Fetcher’s ID will be provided for each student’s nanny, service, and parents to be presented at the gate during dismissal time. This ID is necessary to pick-up your child and we will not release the child if no ID is shown. Please do not forget to bring the ID.

Parents/nannies/guardians/service personnel will not be allowed inside the school premises during class hours.

Handbook: Dress Code


Little Explorers Montessori School has a school uniform policy. The uniform must be worn with white socks and black shoes.

Boys have to maintain a clean cut and girls should always have their hair tied neatly. Please note that our students are not allowed to wear jewelries (bracelet, ring and necklace) and large headbands for girls as this distracts the students during lesson time.

Handbook: Snacks


Parents are required to provide a snack in a clearly labeled container. The Classroom directresses will not allow snacks such as potato chips, chocolate bars, chocolate drinks, candy, pop, etc. A healthy snack helps your child be a better learner. Sweets make the child hyper and lessen concentration and learning. Snacks must be from two food groups. Here are some suggestions:

  • Fruit and cheese (grapes cut in half, sliced apple or orange etc.)
  • Cheese and crackers (Fita or skyflakes)
  • Vegetable and crackers (sliced carrot or cucumber)
  • Sandwich with no mayo (ham or cheese)
  • Juice

Please don’t send yogurt or pudding and avoid chocolate cookies. Do not bring any snacks that contain nuts as there maybe children who are allergic to these foods. If parents send unapproved snacks, they will be returned along with a snack notice reminding them of the snack rules. It is also important to have a container for their snack so they can take home their left overs. We will provide purified drinking water only.


Handbook: Cloth bag and your child’s belongings


Each child must bring a complete change of clothing (underwear, t-shirt/dresses, shorts, pair of socks, towel). Please store your child’s change of clothes in the cloth bags provided. If the child uses the clothing, it will be sent home and a change of clothing must be replaced the following school day. It is the parent’s responsibility to replace the change of clothing as your child grows into a new size.

Please clearly label your child’s bag, snack bag, uniform, change of clothes, towel etc. with their names to avoid switching with their classmates’ belongings.