Feature: Camp N

Little Explorers Montessori School prides on our carefully planned Educational Trips every year. With the help of Lakbay Kalikasan‘s Outbound Education, this year’s outing will not only engage our little explorers but their parents and family members as well.

One of the highlights this year is Camp N in Nuvali, Santa Rosa. It is described as “the eco-city’s premier outdoor adventure and team-building facility that serves as an incubation for self-discovery through obstacles and challenges testing one’s physical limits, mental abilities, and even character and values” and we are very excited to experience Lakbay Kalikasan’s fun and very adventurous Camp N program.

Camp N values not only the enjoyment and experience but also their safety gears and safety measures. Before the children and the adults perform the activities, the staff will explain the dos and the don’ts to ensure that everybody understand what to do and how to do it. Depending on the activity, the staff will then suit the children and the adults up with protective gears such as helmets, vests and harnesses. It is important that all participants are wearing comfortable rubber shoes, pants, shirt (women are required to tie their hair). Unfortunately, cameras and cellphones are not allowed to some of the areas for safety reasons – only action cameras (Go Pro etc.) can be used.

Activities for our little explorers may contain the following:

  • Low ropes
  • Obstacle course
  • Greens and Patches tour
  • Aerial Walk 1
  • Mini Trekking
  • Wall climbing
  • Arts and Crafts

Activities for the adults may contain the following:

  • Free Fall
  • Roller Coaster Zip Line (long and short)
  • Wall climbing

Very exciting, isn’t it?

Parents, brothers, sisters, titos and titas are welcome to join as we have available slots in the bus. Our fee is Php 1,600 per head (includes Nuvali Boat ride, fish feeding, Uncle Cheffy’s Pizza-making and Camp N activities). Additional information about our tour is included in the Field Trip memo given this week.

Hope to see you all there!



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