What Makes A Montessori Preschool?

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The surroundings …

  • Are ordinary and based in reality – i.e. no Disney or cartoon characters pasted on the wall
  • Include a spacious, clean and homely interior
  • Are not regimented (no strict timetable, no rows of desks facing a chalkboard)
  • Are equipped with child-size furniture, fixtures and fittings

The materials …

  • Are arranged neatly on low shelves
  • Are in good condition
  • Are regularly rotated
  • Are regularly cleaned

The children …

  • Are a mixture of three-, four-, five-year-olds engaged in spontaneous , industrious activity
  • Move around freely and interact casually, yet with respect for one another

The director …

  • Is formally qualified and/or well-trained
  • Exhibits a genuine love for the children
  • Communicates comfortably with the children, talks to them at eye level, and shares meals with them
  • Is observant and patient
  • Is confident and cheerful


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